Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Progress at Kew Gardens Station!

So two days ago I sent in an online request to the Department of Sanitation to come clean up the parking lot area and bench area in front at the Kew Gardens LIRR North parking lot. There was a lot of garbage and buildup of debris around the benches near the street. Well to my surprise at about noon today when I went for lunch at Bliss Cafe there were about 20 sanitation department workers and volunteers cleaning up, quite meticulously, the whole area! I don't know if others have submitted requests or not but it is just great to see action and progress made on requests made to the city for service! Looks like it will be all tidy for the Flea Market this Saturday. 

If you know of an area that needs cleaning you can submit a request here:

Next for the spot should be stump removal and a new tree and sidewalk repair. 

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