Thursday, April 30, 2009

Excellent Article on NY Green Market Culture - 4/26

In the below article they say that this farm brings its products to a Green Market at Atlas Park Mall.... Apparently this market starts in June. I am checking on it today to see if it is coming back there this year given the problems there. 

From Gardening to Farming: A Glimpse of Long island's Gardens of Eve Farm. 
Not Eating Out in New York -

Not so long ago, I tended to associate Long Island with being stuck in squawking traffic on the LIE and guys in wifebeaters who wouldn’t think to eat an apple if the tree plopped one in his hand. True, the eastern trail of New York City never exactly conjured an agrarian idyll, replete with rustic farmstands and coastal pastures producing everything from grass-fed beef to tasty wines. But perhaps that’s just the Jersey in me speaking (ironic as it may seem, New Jersey and Long Island kids have a long, stupid rivalry). Because after a trip out to Garden of Eve organic farm in Riverhead, I was introduced to a world of old-school farming values being led for the most part by young and fresh-thinking pioneers.

Read the Entire Article Here. 

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