Wednesday, April 8, 2009

KG / FH Cycling

For NYC we in KG and our neighbors in FH have one of the best spots for leisure cycling in the whole of the city. Normally when I am doing local rides I ride through Forest Park, FH Gardens, etc. I would like to propose a new ride group for cyclists of all levels in KG/FH. There is a great little bike shop, Gray's Bicycles, on Lefferts. I think a nice ride would be to start at Gray's and go up Abingdon to the park, take Park lane across Union tpk to Markwood into FH Gardens, around the big circle that is Greenway N and S, back across Union, right on Forest Park drive down into the Park, take the park to the Golf Course after Woodhaven, turn around and go back to Metropolitan, right on Metro 2 blocks and end up at L'Angolo Pizza which has a nice outdoor seating area for drinks/pizza etc. Who's in?? 

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