Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Forest Park's Historic Carousel Closed!

I was riding my bike through Forest Park by the Carousel this weekend and realized that it is not open and does not look like it is preparing to do so anytime soon. Looks like the company running it decided to let the lease run out and not renew. What a real shame. This beautiful piece of history, that has been down on its luck in the past needing maintenance and repairs, now sitting silently for no one to enjoy. I really hope a good operator/vendor can see the value in operating it and the snack stand and get it back up and running for the summer. There were at least 200 people in the adjacent part of the park barbecuing and enjoying the weather this weekend. Even if it was just opened on the weekends I am sure there will be no lack of interest/patronage. 


  1. Very very sad to hear that the carousel will be closing. Marvin Sylvor, from Fabricon Carousel Company, was in charge of the renovation in the early 90s (I think) and he did it with love and respect and a great deal of talent. He passed away last year and therefore does not have to deal with the grief that the closing would have caused him. The carousel is a masterpiece and has/had great presence in Forest Park. Life goes round and round and up and down.

  2. Yes it does. - We just cant believe that no vendor sees the great opportunity there. Just the snack bar alone can be a major draw for people if done right. I would surely stop by for water/gatorade/a hot dog, etc while cruising by on my bike and I know all of the people barbecuing and picnicking there would too.


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