Wednesday, April 29, 2009

"New shops, direction for Atlas Park" - NY Daily News - 4/28

Has anyone read this story about the "Shops at Atlas Park?" It was strange to read it this morning as I had just read a great review for a fondue restaurant there and in trying to find exactly where it was, which was an adventure on Google Maps, stumbled upon this article. One thing I do not understand about this situation is this - I have never heard of the "Shops at Atlas Park." That is not a good thing. I think that I am pretty up to date on the community and do lots of digging for information, events, restaurants, etc, and if this place was advertised in the right places, or at all, I'm pretty sure that I would have known about it. I would have been there, supporting the shops and restaurants, for sure. Has anyone been there? Is it worth a trip over? 

Upscale mall may cut parking fee, focus on midlevel stores

Tuesday, April 28th 2009, 10:12 AM

EXPECT A world of changes at the Shops at Atlas Park.

The upscale Glendale mall, recently tossed into foreclosure and now controlled by a court-appointed lawyer, will shift its focus to middle-end retailers, and may cut fees for one-hour parking, its new management has revealed.

"Upscale is upscale. You have to have a community like Manhasset [in Nassau County] to keep that mall going," the mall's receiver, Paul Millus, said last week at aGlendale Civic Association meeting.

Read the entire story here. 


  1. Yes its worth the trip.. parking fees really do turn you off - but there is street parking at night.
    Either way its worth the trip to at least check it out... and the fondue place is pretty good.

  2. I have never heard of it either...weird. I just check out their website and they could definitely use some better stores! I do love CPK though and will be sure to make a trip just for that!

  3. Upscale shops, some interesting. Parking expensive. Take the Q54 bus.

  4. They have a NYSC gym there too
    i think the mall will really pick up as the weather improves

    But I did go there once for dinner at the Cali Pizza Kitchen- place is awesome and the service was remarkable. Someone in the group broke their martini glass (and it was nearly full, i know- poor form) and our waiter replaced the drink @ no charge

  5. As long as there are parking fees, I will never go. Went oncem saw the fees, turned around and never went back.


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