Wednesday, April 8, 2009

New KG Blog!

So we have lived in KG for about 1 year now and we really think it is one of the best spots to be in in NYC. We have noticed, although, that there is a real lack of online activity relating to our community regarding events, restaurants, neighborhood news, development, etc. Therefore we have started this blog as a new resource for everyone living in or visiting KG. We want to be able to post news on local events, try to get people together for new events such as cycling, ball games in the park, hikes, parties, etc, as well as post info/reviews/news about our local restaurants and entertainment. We also want to address the issues that our neighborhood faces like graffiti, shady dudes in the park, litter, and anything else we or readers come up with to discuss. So, welcome and feel free to start commenting here on this inaugural post with suggestions, ideas, concerns, etc. We'll start posting some new and fun images, articles and info here this week so become a follower of the blog and keep checking back! 

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