Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Graffiti in KG

So, I am definitely one for the arts and the freedom of artists to make that art. But, I am not one for making one's art, or vandalism in many cases in NYC, on other people's and or public property. We in KG do not even have it that bad, just several buildings here are prone to graffiti and seem to constantly be "tagged" with something. About three months ago I printed out the forms which the city provides to request FREE graffiti removal, filled them out, folded and placed them in stamped and addressed envelopes. I brought these to every spot in KG that I found with graffiti problems, explained hat the city will come and gratuitously remove or clean the graffiti. All they had to do was sign the form and place it in the mail box. Now this was three months ago and each location, pictured below, not only still has the graffiti but it has been added to since I talked to the managers of these shops. KGB encourages all of its readers to stop in to these locations and encourage them to get the graffiti removed. The problem only gets worse as it is left and only a constant removal is what deters vandals from once again vandalizing our community.  see the city's page on graffiti -

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