Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Peruvian/Spanish Food in Kew Gardens - Tu Casa Remodeled

KGB has only eaten at Tu Casa once, about three weeks ago. The food was good, original, home-style Latin American/Peruvian food. The service was good and the atmosphere was quaint. Today I stopped by and to my surprise they have remodeled and the place looks, and smells, great! They now have two very large spankin new dining rooms with original Latin American artwork on the walls, stone accents, two small flat screen tv's, a huge chicken rotisserie, hence the extraordinary smell as soon as you walk in. As the weather warms up as well he front doors open and there is sidewalk seating available.

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  1. Tu Casa has amazing food! I have only ordered for pick up, but I will have to stop in and check it out.


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