Friday, April 10, 2009

Dog Mornings in Sobelsohn Park

Every morning when the weather is nice, I take my dog, Ollie, over to Sobelsohn Park between Park Lane and Union tpke.  The city has been kind enough to give dog owners the opportunity to let their dogs play off leash until 9am and after 9pm, seven days a week. There is always a great group of dogs and people every morning and even the commuters walking through the park seem to love being greeted by the dogs. Dogs are not allowed on the baseball diamond but can run and play on the whole field behind it, which is quite big. Stop by before 9am any day of the week to give your dog the chance to run free or even just to make new friends.


  1. This is great news! I've been hoping for a place for my dog to socialize. I'll try and bring BoyBoy there on the next nice morning we have. BTW thanks for this blog. I've been living here for 9 years and really feel this great little community needs its own online home.

  2. Hi bunch - Great! There is usually about 10 dogs there and more on really nice mornings. Not so many today but at least it was warm out. - Glad to be the new online home for KG! See ya at the park!

  3. Saturday at this park gets packed! I practically live here in the summer mornings. But watch out for that little tennis ball thief Roxy...


  4. this place is even better than the dog run in forest park
    its closer for one, but there is a greater sense of community among the dogs & their pack leaders

    I do want to bring up something that happened last sat morning- b/w 8-830 there was a parks employee driving some sort of tractor with a roll of spikes at the end (aerating the ground). What I dont understand is why this guy was doing so during the last hour that our dogs can be off leash?
    He was moving around the field like a Zamboni in a hockey rink, and drove all the dogs & owners to one corner. On top of that, there was a pretty close call with one of the sheperds, and god forbid a dog gets hurt there. I hope mgmt at the parks dept has the wisdom to aerate the field after 9, or perhaps much earlier.

    It seems theres a lot of care going into that field: dogs & owners arent allowed on the dirt, and they force us from the field in order to aerate. Is the Yankees/Mets series being moved to Sobelsohn field?


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