Friday, April 17, 2009

District 29 - City Council Race Update

As reported by the Queens Tribune Karen Koslowitz, a candidate for the District 29 City Council seat, has switched offices from Deputy Borough President to Director of Community Boards in order to clear any conflict of interest issues for her run for the seat. Although as of the latest filing in March to the Campaign Finance Board she has not reported raising any funding for her campaign while many of the other candidates have been raising money since last year. The top two candidates in regards to net campaing funds seems to be Chain and Schulman who both have reported raising over $40,000 while Cohen has over $30,000, Gagarin just over $10,000, Nocerino with just over $3,000 and DeLay just over $1,000. Information on candidate's funding reports to the Campaign Finance Board can be viewed at their website - 

Original story on Koslowitz -

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