Thursday, July 30, 2009

Kew Gardens Needs....

On Queens Central Forum there are several threads regarding what Kew Gardens "needs." You can see/participate in the discussion HERE.  I agree with what most of the users are calling for there but I also think that there has been much improvement in local businesses as well as the community as a whole over the last year. 

Currently there are several new stores/restaurants under construction to be opened shortly that should all serve as great improvements to our local offerings.  The old Jamron drugs at 118th street and Metropolitan is turning into a organic/natural food, product and vitamin store on one side and a new pharmacy/convenience type store on the other side, all one nice new renovated store. From what I am seeing in the side that has been renovated it looks very promising. 

There is the new Italian restaurant across the the Kew Club called Mama Mia which says it will have a brick oven. 

Then there is the mysterious restaurant that is next to homestead that has been under construction for some time now. I was able to peek in the other day  and the lace looks great with a very large and beautiful bar, exposed brick walls, dark wood floors and low lighting. The decor and design looks promising and looks nothing like any other restaurant/bar in KG. 

The smoothie shop at Ascend Day Spa looks to be under construction and there are signs for frozen yogurt as well as smoothies. I have been waiting for this for a long time now - hoping its near completion. 

I read somewhere recently that a photography gallery was opening somewhere in the neighborhood as well. 

Anything I am missing? Anyone have any information on the above places? 


  1. The photo gallery will be on Lefferts between Austin and Talbot in the old TV repair shop.

  2. very cool. i was wondering what they were doing there. thats great.

  3. Do you know what happened to "Queens"? It was active this morning and now I get a notice that the site "cannot be found."

  4. no idea. the site has not been updated in ages but the forum is normally active. maybe just a glitch?

  5. Maybe, but this is more serious than threads getting lost and so forth.


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