Thursday, July 9, 2009

Chain touts fresh ideas in council race
Heidi Chain hopes her decades of experience with the City Department of Finance and dedication to community service will give her the edge she needs to win the District 29 City Council seat currently occupied by Melinda Katz. 
“I have fresh ideas,” she said. “I see problems and I see ways to solve those problems that haven’t been done yet."

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  1. Some perspective.

    With respect to Ms. Chain's decision not to accept matching public funds, consider that she has put nearly $30,000 of her own money in, along with another $5,500 from her husband and son, not to mention the approximately $5,000 from the partners and co-workers of her husband at Deloitte & Touche [which incidentally does business with the City]. She has already raised more than half of her current total from just these three sources, so why bother with the restrictions that are imposed on you when you accept public money??? Altruism my left foot! Do we really want someone representing us who is going to pretend at being civic minded, and make pretentious comments about her "good conscience" when she knows full well how her numbers are stacking up and that she is better off strategically not participating in the public matching funds program?

  2. Better she spend her money on a good makeover and hot oil treatment for her hair, and bottle of mouthwash. She should continue to do what she does best...harrass and annoy the Commanding Officer of the 112 Precinct!

  3. Your comments are extraordinarily rude and childish. Why don't you consider, if you have such strong opinions you feel need voiced in the public realm, stop posting as "anonymous." and leave your name - Thank you, Dominick


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