Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Yoga in the Park - 2010 Season

Hi All. Now that Spring is REALLY upon us it is time to get back to Yoga in the Park! We still don't have funding sponsors so it looks like it will be on donation basis. It will be every Saturday morning at 10am starting on the 1st of May at the same location - behind the baseball diamond at Sobelsohn Park in Forest Park (between Union Tpk and Park Lane which is at the most northeast section of Forest Park.) Rain days will be at Living Yoga :)

If anyone knows any local businesses that would like to sponsor anything from $50 - $100 we already have several sponsors that are willing to contribute the same so let me know. 

(Thanks to Peter Bragino for the above image!) 



  1. Hello KJ, may I know the time and location? I get lost in Forest Park so easily... Thanks!! Francesca

  2. I have been wanting to learn yoga for the longest time, but do you take complete beginners? I have no skill at all and I'm overweight. Is there a beginner session?

  3. this is for everyone, beginners and experienced. all are welcome and encouraged to come!

  4. Coming from Metropolitan Avenue (Forest Hills), can you give explicit directions?

  5. When coming from FH via Metropolitan take a left on Park Lane South. Enter the park just beyond Hampton Court, where the playground is, and head toward the open grassy area where the ball field is. The group gathers under the big tree just behind home plate.


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