Monday, April 26, 2010

Poetry Reading in Kew Gardens

Poetry Month 
7:30-9:30pm in the Pine Room, Church of the Resurrection,
85-09 118th Street, Kew Gardens, NY 11415 
Tuesday, April 27
Aaron Adler
Aaron Adler organizes community music events at a wide variety of venues throughout Kew Gardens. He may be retired, but he is tireless in promoting local musical talent.
 Liza Charlesworth
Liza Charlesworth lives in Forest Hills Gardens with her husband and twin 8-year-old sons.  Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Plum ReviewMudfishCover MagazineSouthern Review and Boston Phoenix
Andrew Colarusso
Andrew Colarusso is a poet born into a family of correction officers. His work has been published in The Broome Street Review, A Similar But Different Quality, and West 10th.
Mandy Gor
Mandy Gor is a published poet who graduated from Rice University with a degree in Literature.  She is currently working on a book of poems that explore the dynamics between men and women within a family.
Peter Hack
Peter Hack is an IT professional, chef, guitarist and songwriter who grew up in Kew Gardens. This is the first time he’s read a poem aloud since Mr. Tener’s 7th Grade English class.
Rajiv Mohabir
Rajiv Mohabir was named a "Poet of Note" by Pudding House Press, which recently published his chapbook na bad-eye me. He is currently pursuing an MFA in Creative Writing at Queens College.
John Todras
John Todras had been the featured reader at many Borders Books and Barnes & Noble poetry events. His work has appeared in Haiku HeadlinesNew Press Literary Quarterly, and the PPA Annual Collection.
Angelo Verga
Angelo Verga is the author of six collections of poetry, and has been widely published in leading literary journals both here and abroad. 
Ellen Wright
Ellen Wright’s chapbook, In Transit, was published in 2007 by Main Street Rag.  Her poetry has recently appeared in Cimarron Review, Margie, Water-Stone Review and The Paterson Literary Review.

Q&A will be held after readings and autographed books offered for sale. Refreshments available; $5.00 donation encouraged.
For further information please telephone (718) 575-5417


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