Sunday, January 3, 2010

Kew Gardens Block Gets Improvement Grant

Thanks to Rosemary Sherman from the Kew Gardens Improvement Association who applied for a Love Your (NYC) Block Grant last month and found out recently that her hard work paid off! With the help of $500, several NYC agencies, and community volunteers, the block from L'Angolo Pizza to Golden Fountain Chinese Restaurant and across the street from Duncan Donuts to TD Bank will be going through a "renaissance." The timeline of activities will be developed over the next months and most activities will be scheduled for the Spring.

The mission of the project is to make the block greener and more attractive by planting annuals and perennials and by planting two above ground large trees in containers, to improve and maintain the cleanliness of the block by working with NYC Department of Sanitation (we asked for some new trash receptacles and graffitti removal), to develop a spirit of pride and ownership (new metal signs by treewells of stores who are caring for "gardens") and community education/activities. Residents and business owners will work together to improve, beautify and maintain the appearance of our block. A Spring Clean Up and Planting Day ( LOVE YOUR Kew Gardens BLOCK DAY!) will be planned.

What's special about this grant is that besides the $500 awarded we will be directly linked to several city agencies whose help will be instrumental in revitalizing and transforming the block. We have not gone to the Orientation meetings yet and do not know all that is being offered by the City Agencies. Will have more info after January 13. 

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