Thursday, October 1, 2009

Comings and Goings in KG

After some super sleuth detective work yesterday we can identify some of the local business comings and goings in KG. 

1. The closed "Latin Cubanita" on the corner of Lefferts and Austin street is under renovation now and will apparently open around the 15th as a new burger joint called "Munch." I have not heard of them before but the place looks cool on the inside and a small burger joint is certainly something new for the neighborhood. 

2. The space on Lefferts across from the Dunkin Donuts and next to the hardware store which is currently under renovation is going to be a women's clothing store. No opening eta. 

3. The old "Jackson Hewitt" on Metropolitan next to Joy Fruit is under renovation. The whole floor and foundation was removed down about 4 feet, the garage door on the side was made into a normal door. I asked but couldn't get any info out of the workers if they had any. 

4. Spolini's Italian restaurant on Metropolitan seems to be expanding into the sports store's space to the left of it. Since the addition of the outdoor space which basically covered the front of the sports store it seemed inevitable and now there is a huge sign there saying they are expanding with a "party room." 

5. Jin's Fruit and vegetable Market on Lefferts, on the bridge, has cleared almost everything out and has been closed for a week or so. I couldn't get any information from the workers here either. 

6. A new vintage photo gallery is opening on Lefferts called the "Q Gardens Gallery" on the northeast corner of Austin and Lefferts. I met the owners several weeks ago, who were great and have massive collections of vintage photos of NYC and KG, and saw the space, which is a great little gallery spot for vintage photos. It is really going to be a great addition to the neighborhood. 

7. The pharmacy on Metropolitan next to Aron's Sweets is almost done and the other half they are working on will be a health and organic food store which sounds cool to me as long as they price right. 

Anyone have any knowledge as to the locations I could not get info on or other comings and goings? 

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  1. very informative, please keep us posted on updates!


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