Monday, September 7, 2009

Good Video of District 29 Candidates Debate - 9/01

Dems stake out positions ahead of District 29 primary

TimesLedger Newspapers

The six Democrats running in a packed race for City Councilwoman Melinda Katz’s (D-Forest Hills) seat called for better health care and more schools in the district at a TimesLedger Newspapers debate last week during which the candidates also tackled the Cord Meyer rezoning, ethnic tensions and term limits in the run-up to the Sept. 15 primary.

Read the entire story HERE. 


  1. very informative. thanks for posting. i would grade them as Albert cohen the worst and Heidi Chain the best in terms of understanding and a clear explanation. besides the point that from all blogs i read. and i read a lot. Heidi chain comes out the most positive and the most knowledgable. the elections are going to be tues. sept. 15 2009

  2. i allso think it was informative. and i would agree that heidi chain won the debate.

  3. Chain went down the drain!


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