Wednesday, June 24, 2009

 TD Bank and TD Banknorth are inviting you to "Be a fan"  
of Special Olympics, June 1 - July 15!

As part of a national partnership, TD Bank and TD Your browser may not support display of this image.Banknorth are asking their customers to help them raise funds for Special Olympics through a variety of unique and fun ways.  
Here are just a few ways you can team up with them to support Special Olympics New York athletes:

  • For a $5 donation,  you can sport a cool "Be a fan" bracelet - just pick one up at any TD Bank location or TD Banknorth!
  • Is all that loose change slowing you down? Take it to TD Bank, have it converted to bills and choose to donate a portion (or maybe all?) of your conversion to Special Olympics.
  • Visit and / (starting June 1) to make an on-line donation. That's easy ! 
  • Make an in-store donation next time you're in.
  • Take part in one of their special in-store, fun events that will benefit Special Olympics. Could be a car wash, a dunk tank, a bake sale, a concert, who knows what they'll come up with? And our athletes will be attending many of these events, so you'll get to meet a hometown hero!
  • Have a commercial account with TD Bank? Talk to your account representative about how you can make a donation.
We all know that our local TD Bank branch at the corner of Metropolitan and 118th street is extraordinarily active in the community and is always willing to help with projects, events and programs for us so lets help them help the Special Olympics. Stop by today and make a donation! Thanks! - Kevin

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